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Web 2.0 and School Administrators
Monday, 8 January 2007
Opportunity to Shape Policy in Another Country
Topic: E-Communication

You have a real opportunity to help shape policy in another country. I have a colleague who works for the Ministry of Education in another nation where they are going to institute school program self-review in the very near future.

He has asked me about how this is done in the U.S. (to avoid reinventing the wheel). As I answered his questions, it occurred to me that he was getting a limited (one-person) point of view. So I asked him if I could post his questions on a wiki and solicit ideas from other educators (not necessarily limited to the U.S.). He said yes, so here goes...

Coincidentally, his query came as I was reading Chapter 4 in Wikinomics, which describes the concept of Ideagoras. An Ideagora is a Web site that is used to post questions/problems, and invite responses from experts in that field. The idea is that collective wisdom benefits both the person/organization posting the question and the contributors.

Here's the link to the EducationIdeagora. The password is idea. Please look at the questions and add your ideas.

Also, please feel free to add your own topic(s).

Finally, please share the link and password with your colleagues (e.g., post on your own blog). This is an exciting opportunity for us! 


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Posted by sjbrooks_young at 11:15 AM PST
Updated: Monday, 8 January 2007 11:20 AM PST

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