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Web 2.0 and School Administrators
Wednesday, 12 November 2008
I'm All Thumbs!
Topic: Emerging Technologies

I live on a small island. It’s important to know this because one of the limitations of living there is that my cell phone does not work when I am at home—simply no bars.

As a result, I am cell phone challenged. I have one because when I travel, it’s my lifeline to home and necessary for work that must be conducted when I travel. However, until my first grandbaby was born a year ago, I didn’t even have a camera in my phone. Why bother?

Having this baby in our lives has taught me two things (at least). I now ‘get’ Flickr and I’ve upgraded first my phone (a camera is needed when she does so many cute things) and now my service (I’ve tried everything I can to transfer those cute pics from my phone to my computer, to no avail).

So, at the ripe old age of 57, I’ve started to learn to text. So far, I’m having a pretty rough go. I’ve mastered entering the simple email address to send photos. However, sending an actual text message seems to take forever. My friend Ryan taught me a text acronym, but I can’t use it in front of friends, family, or clients.

My daughter showed me how to access the Word feature, but assured me I won’t be happy until I get yet another upgraded phone with a keyboard. She counsels patience, tells me that while texting takes more time than talking, it’s perfect for those times when you want to say just one thing.

I do not understand yet how kids do this under their desks. I do understand why several states have outlawed texting while driving. Good grief! How could anyone even think they could do both???

At this point, I’m looking for acronyms that I can use in polite company and tips from other digital immigrants who have come to grips with texting.

I suppose the phone upgrade isn’t far off, but I would like to avoid it for a while!

Posted by sjbrooks_young at 7:07 PM PST

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