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I help schools and districts provide top-notch programs to students.

In today's world, educators are expected to plan carefully, implement systemically, and evaluate critically. Here are some of the ways I can help your district or school achieve it's goals:


Flora With Her iPad, after Rembrandt van Rijn by Mike Licht

* Technology Planning: School sites and districts need to develop plans that integrate technology use throughout the curriculum, anticipate needs for professional development and infrastructure, incorporate monitoring and evaluation activities, and are based on realistic budgets. I can help your school or district create a plan that will achieve these goals and meet state and federal requirements for funding.
* Program Evaluation: How do you know if a program is successful? What measures should you use and how do you report information to your stakeholders? My experience includes local evaluation for Healthy Start, Title VII annual and biennial reports, and independent studies.

* Training for Administrators and Teachers: Purchasing and installing technology is just the beginning. Teachers need assistance in learning how to develop and implement technology-infused instruction. Administrators need to understand their role and responsibilities in supporting successful integration. I will work with you to craft and provide workshops designed to meet the specific needs of your teachers and administrators.

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