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I have been involved in the field of instructional technology since 1979. I was one of the original technology users in the district where I taught and have continued to explore ways in which technology can be used to facilitate student learning. I have worked as a computer mentor, technology trainer, and technology curriculum specialist. As a site administrator technology continued to be a high priority for me, and in 1993 I was key in founding Computer Using Educators' Administrators Special Interest Group which still serves as a network and resource for school administrators across the country and in Canada.


Prior to establishing my own consulting firm, I was a teacher, site administrator, and technology specialist at a county office of education in a career that spanned more than 23 years. I have published articles and software reviews in a variety of education journals during the last 20 years and have published seven books for school administrators interested in learning more about instructional technology.

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Fees: My fees are typically established for an entire project, although I do some consulting work on an hourly basis.
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