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NCCE 2014: I Have a Tablet. Now What?

Online agenda for today's workshop.

Portrait of Laura Battiferri With Her iPad, after Agnolo Bronzino by Mike Licht.





      Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

      Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

      Bloomin' Apps


Creating Photos/Video


      Tell a Story in Five Frames

      Why Use Video?


Workshop Samples


      NCCE 101

      PB & J

      Silence (this PP file is uploaded to Box.com and linked here)

      PreK Literacy Progression



QR Codes


      QR Code Survey

      Sample QR Codes


      Kaywa QR Code Generator

      QR Stuff

      QR Voice

      QR Hacker

      QR Treasure Hunt


      i-nigma app (iOS and Android)

      QR Code Maker app (iOS)

      QR Code Maker Scanner (Android)


      QR Code Scanner 8 (in the Windows app store)

      QR Code Designer (in the Windows app store)


      QR Codes- Additional Ideas


      iPod Touch and iPad Resources LiveBinder

      Android Resources LiveBinder

      Windows 8 Tablet Resources LiveBinder


Additional Possibilities


      Evernote app and desktop (iOS, Android, Windows 8.1)

      Skitch app (iOS, Android, Windows 8)

      iTalk app (iOS)

      Voice Recorder app (Android)

      Easy Sound Recorder (in the Windows app store)

      Doodle Buddy [iOS, Android (available in Google Play store), Windows 8.1]




    Apptivity form

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