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Classroom Management Plan - Laptops

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Classroom Management Plan – Laptops


Addressing the questions below will help you develop your classroom management plan, but there may be items specific to your classroom that you will need to add. Use a written format that make sense to you and add additional information as needed. Ideas and management tips can be found here.


   Does the school have an Acceptable Use Policy that covers laptop use? Have all your students returned a signed copy?

   How often will your students use the laptops?

   Where will tablets be housed? Who is responsible for charging them?

   What is the procedure for updating the laptops and/or purchasing and downloading new apps?

   Who determines how apps and files are organized on the tablets and what is the basic structure for that?

   Are students permitted to change Settings on the laptop? If so, which settings?

   Will students be permitted to bring their own earbuds? If not, how will you manage audio settings in the classroom?

   How will damaged or missing laptops be handled? Who is responsible for trouble-shooting and/or equipment repairs?


   How will you assign laptops and then identify assigned users?

   How will use of laptops be integrated into your instructional program?

   Will students be permitted to log into personal accounts while using school laptops? If so, under what conditions?

   How will you transition between on and offline activities?

   How will you monitor what your students are doing on their laptops while they are working?

   How will student work files be stored and shared?

   What is the most important thing you think you will need to do to manage laptops in the classroom?


Classroom Rules and Progressive Discipline Steps


Establish your expectations for student use of laptops by developing class rules for use. You will also need to develop a series of progressive discipline steps for those occasions when students opt to push the boundaries. Make a list of the classroom rules and progressive discipline steps you will use in your classroom. Use a format that makes sense to you. Ideas and tips can be found here.