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Simple K12 Webinar: July 26, 2017 2:00 p.m. EDT

Extending Your Impact On Students and Parents Using Mobile Technologies

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Just how important is time?


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Pros and Cons of Extended School Days

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Closing the Gap through Extended Learning Opportunities


Leveraging time using mobile technologies



            Extend Learning Opportunities Using Mobile Technologies (Pinterest board)


      Software, Web-Based Tools & Apps

            Extend Learning Opportunities Using Software, Web-Based Tools & Apps (Pinterest Board)



For example…


      South Central Service Cooperative—Camden, AR

      A Window on the world: Using Skype in the classroom

      Ms. Pjura’s Class (Grade 2)

      6 Tips & 18 Resources to Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom

      Increasing Parent Engagement in the Age of Technology

      Using Technology to Increase Parent Involvement in Schools

      Using Technology to Enable Parent Teacher Communication

      How to Create a Great YouTube Channel for your School

      FCS Cumming Elementary School

      7 keys to creating the perfect school Facebook page

      Downingtown Area School District Facebook pages